When the Ground Force team aren’t available… DIY 😁

The garden makeover is starting 🤗 After being let down by 3 different landscape gardeners over the past 3 years, I have decided if I want a nice garden then I will ruddy well do it myself!  

First to go will be the hideous pea gravel that provides the edging to the garden.  Dobby the House Cat loves to scatter this stuff everywhere 😣 He dives into it, he flicks it around, he even picks it up and brings it into the house!  He is such an  asshole-cat!  Today I shall enjoy bagging that stuff up.  I plan to sell it off nice and cheap because, as the saying goes, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure.  

Anything to make the budget stretch further is a must.  As is recycling materials wherever possible.  So the current patios labs will be lifted, scrubbed and relaid properly, and the edging slabs will be used to line the bottom of the fencing – hopefully this will help delay further rotting caused by the awful lack of drainage in the top left corner of the gsrden.  That area is thick clay and a nightmare!  The grass is going, and the whole area will be paved so it’s low maintenance.  Both if us work full time, and are also fast approaching late 40s and early 50s, so this is also future proofing.  

The decking will be recycled into planters, so most plants will be contained in those instead of a traditional bed.  With 4 cats i have to retain at least one bed, aka the cat toilet. 😄  Lastly one decking pillar will be retained as a giant cat scratching post.  To give it some character, it will be decorated with location arrows showing how many miles to Hogwarts, Gallifrey, Mordor,  The Shire, the Death Star, and other places 🤣 🤘

So.  Day 1.  I am stupidly excited 🤗🤗🤗


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