Spring has sprung 

April, and Easter, are upon us and we are already 1/4 of the way through 2017.  Time has flown so quickly, but when you have 3 birthdays falling in January it’s fairly understandable.

Christmas and new year are over, we go back to work and college and then it’s bam bam bam.  Before you have time to blink, we are into February.  Then March comes jumping up to greet us with its promises of longer days (aka clocks going forward) and before you realise it we are into April and 25% of the way through the year.

I love spring.  I love the anticipation, and then excitement, of seeing the first buds form on the trees and the first bulbs peeing above ground.  Snowdrops peeping out to say hello to a new year, then the crocuses and daffodils.  Suddenly everywhere becomes greener, birds are more prevalent and of course the mornings are lighter.

I love all the seasons.  They each have their own special part to play.  Whenever I do a quiz that asks me to name my favourite season I am stuck.   How can I choose one?  Spring is all about the rebirth, everything is shiny and new.  Summer is filled with gloriously long days and nd the anticipation of that one perfect sunny day.  I live in England, one perfect day is all we get 😂  Autumn, oh autumn you are like the fire of the year.  All hot reds and yellows, flaming oranges and rich browns.  Then winter.  Everything turning white.  Seriously,  snow and frost are just the best filters ever for nature. Nothing is more enticing than a black and white photo, and winter is nature’s best attempt.

Right now we are seeing an explosion of green around where we live.  We are starting to lose familiar landmarks as the leaves begin to obscure them.  We live next to a canal and a large fishing lake that feeds into the nearby river.  At the lake there is a huge chimney, giving the area it’s name of the Stack Pool.  Every time we walk back over the canal bridge to our housing estate, we stop to look at how the current seasons are changing our local landscape, and measure the season’s growth by how much of the Stack we can see.  We know summer has arrived when we have  really stare hard to see the top of the Stack 😊

2015-02-18 20.19.30

Wildlife is starting to get more vocal round here.  The geese and ducks chattering as the fly overhead, to and from their roosting grounds and the canal.  Ducklings and goslings will start to appear, goslings in particular in their droves as we have a huge Canadian geese population.  Some call them vermin, interlopers, but here they live and here we give them their space.  Lots of space.  Have the pathway, don’t worry about us humans cos we will get well out of your way and oh cripes please don’t chase me 😨  Touch wood, I haven’t had that experience with the geese yet, but 2 of our adult children have.  Employers around here are very understanding if you arrive a bit late due to a goose blocking your path 😁

We have a pair of swans, silent and regal, bring a calming influence over the otherwise noisy waterway.  They are quite inquisitive, especially of you are on a bicycle, bit otherwise they keep their reasonable distsnce.  Oh, unless you have a snack and then they are not letting you leave!  Which is actually fine by me when it means we get incredibly up close to their cygnets.  An occasional heron appears every now and then, silently watching the world go by and looking for an occasional fish.  Seagulls, well they are here too!  Screaming overhead, strutting around town waiting for an unsuspecting bit of sandwich to drop in their path. 

Spring is actually the best now I think about it, because it means all these beautiful birds are back on our doorstep for the next 6 months.  Although the village I’m originally from has a canal running through it, nothing beats the stretch we have just 100m from our house with the most wonderful array of wildlife.  Spring is the rebirth of all this around us.  Spring means we’ve been here another year, and it feels so right.


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