Oh no, I’m 40!

When I hit 40 I decided to properly look at doing things I had not, so far, had the chance to do.  Things like going to concerts, the theatre or even braving a festival.  Because 40 is a bit depressing as ages go.  You need to work hard at keeping your spirits up.

As a teenager I never got the chance to go to gigs.  Then being a SAHM, the first 3 years of which were in Germany, also put paid to stuff like that.  Tickets are not cheap, especially after you factor in travel and in many cases overnight accommodation.   But then I hit 40 and, having finally started working again full time, plus having older more self sufficient kids,  it meant I now had both the time and disposable income to spend on “artistic treats”.  

It started off slowly,  age 41 and I saw Take That (4 piece, no Robbie) in the Circus Tour.  As 1st concerts go they set a high standard.  Great music, incredible theatrics.  Even though I thought some of their earlier hits had been by Boyzone, I really enjoyed myself.  The bug was caught 😎

The following year I was given free tickets to the Cornbury Festival  (the RAF has its uses for us wives sometimes) and got to see Squeeze – long time beloved idols – and David Gray who was funny, endearing, slightly naughty.   And a singer I finally recognised after an hour 😂  I am a bit crap at putting faces to music.

I had thought that aiming to see 1 event a year would be possible.  Not going to break the bank,  and plenty of time to make holiday arrangements etc.  Yeah.  You know what they say about best laid plans!

In 2011 Duran Duran went on tour.  After more than 30 years of being a Durannie, I finally got to see them on home turf in Birmingham.  The husband went with me; don’t ask.  Suffice to say he said it was the best gig ever, and to never tell anyone he said that 😂  Everyone naturally knows!

In 2012 we hit the London Paralympics, because hey its here and we need to do this!  The Broadway smash American Idiot also came to the UK, so became the first of the now traditional Mother Daughter Days.  Yes, we have similar taste in music 😊  Now I’m fulfilling the theatre part of the Arts Bucket List.  It was also the tip of the forthcoming entertainment iceberg.

Moving to the Midlands means it’s so easy to get to Birmingham.  They have lots of concerts in Birmingham 😉  Now it’s time to just start listing who I saw next.

Justin Timberlake – he is amazing!  The Who, 50th anniversary tour.   Duran Duran for the 2nd time 😎  UK cast version of American Idiot in London.  Harry Potter Studio Tour is phenomenal,  the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff,  the London Dungeons, Star Trek 50th Anniversary Expo.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, 2016 alone was awash with music and theatre – Let’s Rock London, Cardiff Pride 🌈  Mcfly, Sirs Stewart and McKellen on stage, Jimmy Carr. 

Then 2017 arrived, and with it …. GREEN DAY 😲  Now I always thought of myself to be a Durannie at heart, but I’ve got Green Day lyrics tattooed on my arm and it’s them I seem to listen to most, especially if I need to lift a dark mood.  Last night I got to see them live in Manchester.  I welled up when they came on stage, I sang my guts out with them.  I think I have cheated severely on Simon Le Bon, my love towards GD is now so immense 😄

I still have Russell Howard to see, Daniel Radcliffe in a Tom Stoppage play, another Let’s Rock London to attend and, in December, it’s the much anticipated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London.  2017 is busy!!

I went into my 40s with  a hope they would be less anticlimatic than my 30s – a frankly overrated and rather crap decade to be honest.  Considering everyone told me 40 is horrible, I can safely say my 40s have been epic 😁  

My 40s have been so packed with fun, laughter, music and all round entertainment, that I may have to make my forthcoming 50s all about holidays and relaxation just to recover from it all 😊  Thank the Lord for Cunard and their relaxing cruise packages, I can see 50 being all about life on the ocean’s wave 🚢  


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