What I did last year. . . .  A lesson in remembering 

It’s a new year and, as we all do, I reflected back over the past 12 months. For some reason I struggled to remember the fun times I had and yet I could so easily recall the saddest of moments. So many celebrity deaths, interspersed with family tragedies. Why was it so hard to recall the good times?

So here I sit, with last year’s diary in hand, flicking through the weeks and recalling all the great times spent with family and friends in 2016 🙂

February. Youngest son’s 16 birthday trip to London. Just the 2 of us. London Dungeons and as many supercar showrooms as we can find 😆 Hello Aston Martin Knightbridge, helloooooo Lamborghini Kensington 👍 This was also son’s first introduction to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. A fabulous 2 days with a lot of walking but a lot of laughter.

April saw myself and hubs meeting up with my oldest and dearest friend whom I’ve known since we were 3! Her husband of too many years was met by both of us at the sane time when we started college. Everyone knew they were absolutely going to be together forever, and seeing them both again after probably 18 years was fantastic. None of us have changed bar grey hair and wrinkles. Our sense of humour is still as it was when we were teenagers. Best of all, my husband clcked with them both immediately and it felt like we had all known each other forever. Just perfect ❤❤

June should have seen our daughter and I at the Mcfly Anthology tour in Birmingham however, due to a mishap with Harry Judd and his neck, it was postponed until September. I had booked a hotel and didn’t take up free cancellation so…. Mummy and Daughter trip to Brum 😎 We had a blast. We ate, we didn’t drink as much as we expected to lol, we shopped and we laughed. It was brilliant. I even ended up buying a Spock Bear in Build A Bear, the Star Trek 50th anniversary edition with original theme sound. I am sad, I am a geek. I’m a 40something woman who cried at getting this bear because I loved Leonard Nimoy so much. LLAP 💙

July. Let’s Rock London 😎 Wow! We went with longtime dear friends and we danced, we drank, we fell over, threw beer in my own face grabbing my hat (I was not even drunk at that point). It was a fantastic day in Clapham Common, an old stomping ground of mine from the early 1990s. Claire Grogan of Altered Images, The Beat, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet fame, Jimmy Somerville :o❤ Holly Johnson from Frankie Goes To Hollywood. And Dave Benson-Phillips aka Disney Dave was compère. It was the ultimate 1980s retro festival. So good we are going again in 2017 👍

August saw my first Pride event. Eldest son and I spent 3 glorious days in Cardiff for their Pride festival and it was spectacular 🌈 Cardiff itself is so beautiful a d such friendly people. We took the river taxi from the Castle to the Bay and I highly recommend it as a sightseeing trip. Peaceful and relaxing, a great way to finish our weekend. At Pride Cymru itself we got to sing and dance along with B*Witched 😁 no surprises this was one of son’s favourite bands as a small boy, and they lived up to our expectations and more! It was wonderful to show public support for our son and everyone else who just want to be accepted. Love is love, don’t deny it from yourself or from others. Embrace the feelings ❤💙💚💛💜

September and it’s MCFLY DAY 😎🎉🎉🎉 Mother here decides it would be hilarious if we dress up for the occasion. As Tom Fletcher’s sons. Wtaf? 😮 Oh yes, I dressed up as Buzz (Lightyear) and daughter went as Buddy (the elf) 😂 I even had Buzz’s trademark wings pinned to my back. Needless to say I looked like a total arse but Mcfly were incredible so I didn’t give a toss 🙂 I’ve seen some fab shows in my time, well since 2011 with my first concert lol, and Duran Duran give a great performance. But I have to say that Mcfly have given them a serious run for their money. Their interaction with the fans is hilarious and from start to finish we were swept upon a wave of excitement and love. I will be seeing them again! Oh hell yes!

October was busy. The first week we all trooped down to London to see Harold Pinter’s play No Man’s Land. Starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen :o❤❤ A mesmerising play, confusing yet totally clear with its meaning. The kids were all of one opinion. They didn’t care if they didn’t understand the play, they have seen 2 of the greatest actors of their time on stage. And that is what theatre is all about 👍

My other October outing was not so successful. Destination Star Trek 50th Anniversary. Europe’s turn to pay tribute, hosted at the NEC Birmingham. I was so excited 🙂 youngest, god love him, took the bullet at going with Trek Nerd Mother. My poor poor boy. It was AWFUL! 10 stalls, hardly any Trekkie stuff to buy but an abundance of Assassins Creed or Pokémon 🙁 It had no decoration to the conference hall, the queues were endless for everything and frankly it was an embarrassment to stars like Marina Sirtis, Wil Wheaton and Uncle George Takei himself. We left after 3 hours 😐 I did buy an amazing signed photo of Leonard Nimoy. But otherwise it was a huge disappointment. So why is it here? Because despite the poor effort made in dressing the stage, the performers and cosplayers put their all into it. And I have seen Uncle George Takei in the flesh :)❤ LLAP

December at last. Youngest son attends his first ever 18+ event. Illegally 😮 Mother Dear didn’t realise Jimmy Carr’s Ultimate Tour was for age 18 up only. Son is 16 😂 Thank god he’s nearly 6 foot and passed through easily! Jimmy Carr’s tour was the start of a year of amazing events as I got us tickets for Xmas 2016 way back in January of last year. It was worth the wait! He was everything we hoped for 😎 We ached for days afterwards, having laughed so much. He topped off what actually seems to have been a pretty bloody brilliant year.

And I can’t wait for what 2017 has lined up 👍


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