So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye …. to 2016

This year has been an annus horribilis.  It’s taken our emotions and stamped them into an unrecognisable mush on the pavement of life.  It’s taken, taken and, just when we thought we could catch our breathe, taken again leaving us shell shocked and exhausted.

So many pieces of our hearts torn into.  And for many, myself in particular, a new obsessive compulsion developed to check the news first thing.  To see who has died next.  To see what new hell hound has been unleashed politically. 

Personally, this year brought about health issues and scares for my family.  My own fight with what started as an awful realisation that pre-menopause was rather shit, to discovering that it was potentially the onset of something more sinister.  Tests, hormone cocktails, invasive examinations and some (literally) bloody awful moments.

My husband thinking he just had flu and,upon collapsing with “head rush” at the GPs, finding out it was not.  It was a potentially life threatening blood disorder.  Cue a lifetime of having to give a pint of blood every month, in order to stabilise the condition. 

Our children have also had their own battles.  One with anxiety and panic attacks, thanks to really shitty employers making impossible demands on them.  And another with clicky hips being diagnosed as possible early degeneration of bones.  Tests, more tests.  A seemingly never ending stream of trips to various hospitals.

Its been more than a bit shit.  We have also, without a doubt, got our money’s worth from the NHS!

But throughout everything, family illnesses and depression and emotional upset,  we have fought and survived it all.  We have come out of it determined to keep moving forward,  and refusing to allow ourselves to be pulled under.  We’ve done fabulous things, made many amazing plans, and laughed in the face of it all.

2016 took so much from us, but it also gave us a greater appreciation of everything.  Beloved artists who made us smile, a renewed and more powerfully desire for equality and respect for fellow man.  The push to do more NOW, not to put things off until later. 

2016 has been the year of learning.  Whilst I for one will be glad to see the back of it, I go into 2017 thankful for the lessons learned.  And with a rejuvenated fervour to make the next year better for all.

Happy New Year to you all ❤🎉


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