Time flies.

Lordy be it’s been a while since my last blog post 😨 We’ve had summer, it’s gone, it’s come back again for a return visit LOL and now we are approaching the start of Autumn.

So much has happened in this time.  All the ailments and ills husband and I have experienced seem to finally be under control and we are both looking forward with such positivity.   Sure, we will both still need to have a few check ups down the line, but our health has certainly turned the corner and we are feeling almost better than before.  Suffice to say we have become more aware of the health of those around us, and drive our friends and children up the wall telling them not to be a toss pot,  go see a doctor! 😆 They love us for it really.

With the summer almost over its been a crazy few months.  We’ve had our youngest leave school and start college, second child turned 21 last week, and finally we have booked our celebrations galore holiday for 2018! The events countdown app on my phone is having a hard time keeping up with it all 😁 But my oh my, we have got some fantastic treats to look forward to in the next 2 years.

First off, I spent 8 hours on the net and phone desperately trying to get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets.  I was a woman possessed.  When I finally did get through I cried 😶 😁 Second child and I are beside ourselves with excitement, albeit we won’t be seeing the play until December 2017.

Then I had the excitement of Green Day announcing a tour in February 2017 😮 I had a trauma with that ticket buying experience when my fan club presage admission code refused to work and the tickets I was allocated in the general sale decided NOT to go into my checkout but say Sold Out instead.  I was in utter shock and disparaging at that, until a very special person emailed me to say hey, I’ve got 2 tickets on my laptop so gimme your log in details so you can buy them.  Better seats that I had been offered originally, and cheaper.  An hour of WTF became a day of OMG OMG OMG I’M SEEING GREEN DAY 🎉  Eldest, daughter, is so stoked for us to be seeing them, and the ultimate girly weekend now planned 👍

And the youngest child is not forgotten in having mother-child treats.  He’s coming to Destination:Star Trek with me in a few weeks wooo hooooo!  I’m just hoping that Kate Mulgrew might be announced at the last minute as appearing,  Captain Janeway being his favourite 🙂  As a toddler he was obsessed with her, and still thinks she was the best.

So all in all time has flown and we have so much to be both grateful for and to look forward to.  As with everything in life, the moments of hardship make the moments of pleasure that much sweeter and more appreciated.  We are, to paraphrase the wonderful Spock,  living long and prospering ❤


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