A few months ago things went a bit pear-shaped for us.

Husband was unexpectedly made redundant and diagnosed with a blood disorder.  Cause of the disorder ranges from being a smoker and drinking alcohol, to being too stressed.  Sure you can cut down on the naughty habits, but seriously how are you supposed to lower your stress levels when you’ve lost your job and you’re worried about how to pay your bills?

I do wonder sometimes if they teach empathy in medical school, not just how to be really patronising!

Anyway, after 5 long weeks waiting to hear about the redundancy claim that was made, we finally got a breakthrough.  The money was coming, it was what we had hoped it would be, not less, and it meant we could pay the mortgage for at least the next 2 months 😀  Not only that, but finally there seemed to be a breakthrough in the job hunting front, with applications actually being responded to and interest shown.

Then last week things ramped up several gears.  Husband got a call on the Tuesday about a manager’s job that he seemed ideal for.  Lower pay, but same level as his previous job so a very positive move.  He had not had much success with roles at his level, and was in fact applying for lower level jobs but that caused much tutting from agencies and companies about why he was going for jobs he was over qualified for.  But this agency were sure that he would be ideal for the role.

They were so right 😀

It was easy as 1. Interview on Wednesday.  2. second interview on Thursday.  3. Job offer on Friday!

All this just a few days before we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Thankfulness is the title – thankfulness is knowing we are strong together in getting through tough times.  Not just as a married couple, but with our 3 children too we are a very strong united family.  We share the good and bad times, we talk to each other and put things into perspective when we feel things are too tough to cope with.

Thankfulness is knowing that when the crap hit the fan, we maintained a level head and refused to let it break us.  And we reigned in the spending habits for a while 😉  Thankfulness was also knowing the event tickets we have for later this year and early next were already paid for, so at least Christmas would be brilliant.   It’s the little things that make you laugh in moments of worry.

Thankfulness is also knowing that 23 years of marriage is cause for celebration, as so many marriages don’t even reach double figures.  And for a former military family, it’s even more amazing.  In our typically understated style, we celebrated by watching tv together and playing about with social media.  No fancy cards, no elaborate gifts.  Just being together.

Thankful for what, and who, we have 🙂



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