When Fandoms collide :o

Can we just talk about Maisie Williams for a moment, and how she is blowing my mind with the latest revelation from Arya in Game of Thrones?

A girl has no name.

As my blog name suggests, I’m the Whovianmummah, so in case you haven’t seen Maisie Williams in Doctor Who then please please give yourself the ultimate treat and see The Girl Who Died.  Suffice to say, a young girl is killed but she is saved by the Doctor but ultimately this is a bittersweet moment.  For the girl who died becomes immortal 😦

I won’t spoil a truly brilliant storyline from the greatest British sci-fi series ever, but the girl who once was is now known as just Me.

Effictively she is a girl who has no name!

You’re welcome Fandoms 😆


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