Tears of upset, tears of pride

Sometimes the most unexpected things can set you off.

Lately our days have been filled with crap, crap and potentially more crap.  Redundancy for husband, kind of anticipating it for 2 years so expected but not IYKWIM.  A developing medical issue for me, thanks to the onset of the menopause, has had me reeling from one medication to another to see what will stop the horrendous effects of being a woman, some working for a while then failing miserably.

Talk of the “Tampon Tax” has just made me madder than ever with the hormone changes I’m experiencing, nearly resulting in me tweeting David Cameron and pretty much every male MP anywhere with pictures of what I have been enduring the past 4 months, and how sanitary-wear is not a bloody luxury but a necessity to prevent me looking like I am in a slasher movie!  And yes, pun fully intended.

So it’s been a bit all over the place as I say, and a work colleague who thought they were funny to be rude and insulting to me resulted in a very unexpected explosion of tears on my part.  Thank god for other truly wonderful colleagues, and the kindest boss ever.  They put me right, and I’ve felt a bit better about having to deal with immature little bitches.

As I say, tears of upset.

But its the smallest of gestures that can bring you tears of pure joy, and this came from our youngest son who informed us that he wanted to give it us his pocket koney for the month, because we need to watch the money until Dad gets another job.

Needless to say, he was told NO WAY 🙂 But it’s moments like this that his dad and I think to ourselves, “damn, we did great at this parenting lark!”


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