Random thoughts

You should get a blog Mum.

Yeah, cos although I’m considerably older than the internet, and I remember when you used to get those FREE INTERNET!!!! discs with a copy of PC Advisor magazine, giving you a month’s free access to Hampster Dance and MSN chatrooms, blogging is something I have yet to get my head around.

I’ve heard blogs described as narcissistic , ego boosting, mindless ramblings of an otherwise “normal” person ? Is that even the right spelling of narcissistic? Well for a start there is no such thing as “normal”. What’s normal to one person is strangely weird to another, and so the ramblings of one are considered to be the deep and meaningful lessons in life of another.

I think for myself it will be a case of rambling  🙂

I’m in my late 40′s. I am finally able to afford to go to concerts, and last year I bought a pair of Doc Martens.  I think my mother disapproves of my choice of attire. Godknows she thinks I will regret my 6 tattoos “when you’re older” HAHA. I got the first one when i was 36 ffs. hardly a teenage rebellion!  I love my age, I had so much anticipation and hope for my 30s but frankly that was a shit decade. Other than having my last child, and my first tattoo, 30 is crap.

Lot’s of friends were crying over approaching 40, saying they were now hitting middle age and it’s sure to be downhill from thereon.  Me? I felt sure 40 would be all the fun and none of the pain because I will be at an age where I am young enough to know how to have fun, but old enough to know when to stop. Usually around that 3rd pint or 10.30 pm. 40 has proven itself to be everything I hoped and for and more. To the extent that I’m feeling sad that I will be leaving this golden age in a few years.

40 is the decade where I finally became me. Tattoos, Doc Martins, my own brand new car that is just mine mine mine, and a sense of belonging at long last.  No longer defined purely as a mother, wife of a serviceman, or the rebellious daughter that they are ever so slightly unnerved by.  Just me, affectionately known as Mumma by the daughter and Yo Bitch by one of the sons (it’s a whole other story, our relationship!), and for some reason Mate by the husband.  I love this person.  I get annoyed with some of her more eccentric quirks, but she’s just who she has always been on the inside but now in glorious technicolour 3D.

And she’s attempting to blog.




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